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During the last 10 years, I had the chance to work on dozens of projects for innovative startups, premium brands or consulting agencies, in Europe and China.

Now as a consultant, I bring all this expertise to my clients:


Over the years, I helped build and grow dozens of products for B2C & B2B. I now work for early-stage startups and large companies looking for design & strategy consulting to innovate faster, and develop better digital products:

  • User & market research
  • Usability & performance audit
  • User flows, wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Strategic recommendations

As a product manager/owner, I help innovative teams by defining their strategy and roadmap, streamlining their production and tackling growth:

  • Product roadmap & strategy
  • Customer development
  • Agile user story mapping
  • Functional specifications
  • Positioning & Branding
  • Go-To-Market & Launch plan

I help brands and their agencies develop their online and digital strategy, especially for projects involving China - where i can help kickstart your operations in the country in no-time, saving you months of exploration:

  • Strategic recommendations
  • E-Commerce
  • China market entry
  • China online presence setup
  • China digital strategy
  • Product & services localization
  • Local vendor selection


I've been working recently with several companies in USA, France & China like investment fund, insurance company, job board, crowdfunding platform, language learning marketplace, B2B mobile apps providers, training companies, digital agencies...

Check out my portfolio for some example of past projects.


I like to work using frameworks and methodologies such as Agile (SCRUM), LEAN startup, LEAN UX, Design sprints, BullsEye framework and AARRR Metrics.

I can work as a temporary external consultant or full-time product manager.

I can work well remotely with modern tools like Slack, Skype, JIRA, Trello for communication and project management, on-site with whiteboards and a bunch of post-its , or a mix of both.

I usually start with a free meeting over skype or coffee, then I deliver an initial audit of the product or service, and continues with a short full-time assignment or part-time consulting to solve the problems we found and decided to focus on.

Find me on WeChat with the ID sa__cha
or scan my QR code:

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