Sacha Guyon is an award-winning product manager and strategist with over 10 years experience helping international high-growth startups and premium brands develop, launch, and grow their businesses through technology. His innovative and creative work, which spans mobile applications, websites, and marketing campaigns, has earned him 30 awards and international recognition.

Currently, Sacha is a Lead Product Manager at Fueled, one of New York's top mobile product agencies. Previous to Fueled, Sacha was the Chief Product & Marketing officer at the Parisian-based B2B event & training software startup, Spark'up (formerly Magency Digital), where he helped the company raise their Series A and expand into the United States and Japan. Prior to Spark’up, he started the digital production department of creative agency Fred & Farid in Shanghai (where he lived for 5 years). He played a key role in growing the Chinese division of the company from 10 to 100 people, in less than 2 years, and helping the company become Ad Age’s “International Agency of the Year” in 2016.

His broad experience spans product strategy & development, UX design, web development, and growth marketing. He is a lifelong student, continually expanding his technical skill set, knowledge-base, and career roles. He seeks out visionary entrepreneurs and engineers who are passionate about solving problems, enhancing businesses, and improving people’s lives.

Born & raised in Paris, France, Sacha has been based in New York City for the past 2 years. When he’s not helping to grow companies, he can be found traveling the world, in a crossfit gym, or seeking out (way too spicy) Asian food.

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