Sports & nutrition coaching website


2011-2013, with Ekohe

I produced the first version of this online sports and nutrition coaching website started by a famous French cyclist, and grew it in its first years to break-even.

I worked with the client to define all recipes and "rules" into a few huge excel sheets.
I sorted and made sense of all this information to feed a bayesian rule engine that we developed in order to automatically generate a personalized coaching program based on more than 200 different datas (personality, environmnet, diseases, motivation, equipment...).
First version was made in record time, under 3 months: we released first version to coincide with a TV media launch, and we got our first clients 20 minutes after launch.

After the first release, my worked balanced between on developing new features to enhance the product and increase retention, and optimize the user acquisition funnel to increase revenues.


  • produced initial version in only 3 months
  • attained break-even in 6 months


product tour video:


initial guizz of 200 questions, to give a detailed personalized diagnosis

daily session video

tailor-made rules engine for all food ingredients and sport session

After less than a year the website attained break-even, and founder was able to raise a new round of 1M US$.

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