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MagencyEngage is a complete solution of more than 50 features embedded in a mobile app, used by attendees and controlled by the event manager. It replaces traditional printed agendas, offers interactive activities between the audience and the speaker (polls, ice-breakers, messaging, networking facilitation), and enables massive collaborative workshops (brainstorming, creative seminars, change management…).

The solution is based on a local web server, that can be connected to up to 500 simultaneous attendees' mobile phones or tablets, including a unique presentation and management interface for the organizer to broadcast audience-generated content.

The app was used by more ten of thousands of event attendees, in more than 600 events in 20 different countries, by dozens of Fortune 500 & CAC40 companies and leading event agencies. Product team and infrastructure succesfully scaled to be able to manage dozen of simultaneous events per week.

The app was first developing for AIRBUS top 500 manager yearly seminar:

Event attendees answers on the ipad, and their results are shown in real-time on big screen via the host web interface.

Attendees can login, fill their profile, take photo of themselves... and few minutes after, photos were displayed on big screen.

Attendees could browse through a contact book with all real time updated infos. In backstage, event manager can manage in real time projected screen display.

We managed on-site platform (application and server) setup and deployment, and last minute changes

I designed user flows and wrote functional specifications of initial features, before handing off the tasks to the product team I recruited, working more on product strategy (roadmap, vision, customer development) and team management.


The app front-end was re-developed using HTML5 for cross-browser compatibility starting in 2014, to be able to deliver public apps on all platforms in no time.
You can check out some of the public apps of previous events still available on app stores:


While product evolved, I developed product positioning, messaging and marketing collateral for sales, Marketing Website and online presence, and went pitching the app to event industry tradeshows all around Europe and US, while setting up the marketing team.



In the meantime, we developed an other app similar to Engage, but catered for corporate trainers.

MagencyLearn was the first complete live classroom training platform for the enterprise. It combines engaging collaborative activities for the attendees in a user-friendly interface, all in an embedded box for nomadic use by trainers on the go.

Trainers can broadcast their training content to each attendees' device, so they can view and annotate current slides, answer quizzes, go through complex assessments, and enjoy collaborative activities to increase engagement and memorization.

As with Engage, I was in charge of customer development, UX/product design, and owned the product roadmap. I spent a lot of time on pre-sales consulting for our major clients (Nissan, training agencies) to help them define their digital learning strategy.

The two apps are now merging into one unique offer of an integrated HTML5 platform.


- produced the initial products with limited time and budget, then built the product & marketing team around it
- apps used in more than 600 events worldwide and thousands of trainees
- helped raise 3M€ serie A funding
- generates now more than 4M€ revenue/yr

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