Tamaggo 360LiveCam

360° photo & video management and livestreaming mobile application


2017-2018, with Fueled

Tamaggo created the first affordable 360-degree camera, that goes with a unique companion mobile application.
Tamaggo 360LiveCam application allow users to remotely control and manage their Tamaggo 360LiveCam with their iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi. They can use Tamaggo 360LiveCam Application to remotely record, preview, manage and share 360° content on social media and directly through web links.

I helped design the mobile application's user experience for both iOS and Android and supervised its production. I specifically helped implementing the livestream feature, where user can broadcast video content from the camera in real-time on Facebook and Youtube. It was a true technological innovation as Tamaggo was the first camera in the world to have this feature.

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